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Robin Nagele and Amalia Romanowicz Present on Impact of Reginelli Decision on Litigation and Medical Peer Review Protection on June 13

On June 13, 2018, Health Care Co-Chair Robin Locke Nagele and Professional Liability Principal Amalia V. Romanowicz presented, "Medical Peer Review Protection in Pennsylvania Post-Reginelli," to hospital and health systems in Post & Schell's Philadelphia Conference Center and via webinar. 

On March 27, 2018, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided Reginelli v. Boggs, its first major peer review analysis in more than two decades. The opinion is striking and signals significant shifts in Pennsylvania peer review analysis. For Post & Schell’s detailed analysis of the case, click here.

Ms. Nagele and Ms. Romanowicz examined the Reginelli decision's impact on medical peer review protection and litigation in Pennsylvania. The discussion focused on:

  • Background and context of the Reginelli decision and review of its holding.
  • Impact of Reginelli on peer review by contract providers of hospital-based services.
  • Impact on hospital credentialing in Pennsylvania.
  • Implications for peer review in outpatient settings and clinical networks.
  • Impact of the decision on medical malpractice defense in Pennsylvania.
  • Steps providers should immediately undertake in response to the decision.
  • Long-term action plans to mitigate ongoing legal risks presented by the decision.