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Post & Schell values and strives to foster and grow diversity among its attorneys and staff. We work to promote a firm culture that celebrates the value that diversity brings to the firm and our clients. The firm – starting with its leadership and throughout the organization – recognizes that a diverse team with a rich variety of backgrounds is best positioned to serve our clients, ourselves, and the community at large.

We work to create an environment that is inclusive, and respects and draws strength from each individual’s distinctive background, because we believe that such an approach creates a collegial setting that fosters each person’s contributions, supports fulfilling and successful careers for our attorneys and staff, and leads to the best results for our clients.

Our efforts to cultivate diversity, and to improve awareness regarding the importance and value of an inclusive environment, align with the firm’s Core Values; as a result, they will continue to grow. 

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee – which includes principals and associates from a variety of backgrounds – meets regularly to evaluate and develop approaches to improve the firm’s diversity. The committee reports directly to the firm President and Chief Executive Officer and is focused on developing and recommending initiatives to foster and grow diversity. 

Professional Development and Mentoring

Through our mentoring program, Post & Schell endeavors to provide attorneys of all backgrounds with the right tools to succeed. Mentees are matched with principal mentors taking into account each participant’s background and their unique needs and preferences, side by side with more conventional attributes like practice area, geographic location, and seniority. This careful matching process is followed by a series of get-togethers between mentors and mentees, with the aim of ensuring that each attorney has the opportunity to seek advice and encouragement.