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Mason Avrigian Co-Presents on Commercial Arbitrations at PBI CLE Seminar on March 13

On March 13, 2020, Mason Avrigian, Jr. co-presented the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) CLE seminar "The Complex Commercial Case in Arbitration 2020," at 9:00 am ET. The 3-hour session took place live at PBI's CLE Conference Center in Philadelphia.

In what some would say has become an ever-growing “arbitration nation,” an increasing number of cases are being resolved through arbitration rather than court. Arbitration of complex commercial cases, particularly with contractual and employment disputes, has proven to offer greater privacy, speed, and economics over court proceedings for achieving a resolution acceptable to all parties. Though the flexibility of the process makes it an excellent forum for resolving these complex cases, arbitration’s fundamental principles can conflict with the necessities of a large corporate dispute. 

Mr. Avrigian and the other seminar faculty reviewed:

  • When to choose arbitration 
  • Selecting the right arbitrator
  • Pre-hearing conferences
  • Discovery
  • Pros and cons of using arbitration
  • Practical pointers for streamlining a complex commercial dispute in arbitration