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Marc Perry Presents on Cross-Examinations of Sympathetic Plaintiffs on Strafford Webinar on May 14

On May 14, 202, Marc H. Perry presented on the Strafford Webinar, "Cross-Examination of the Sympathetic Plaintiff," from 1:00 pm until 2:30 pm ET. 

Mr. Perry discussed when to opt for a deposition-focused or trial-focused approach, how to prepare for either, and an appropriate tone to discredit the plaintiff's testimony without engendering jury sympathy. The panel reviewed:

  • Whether to make deposition or trial the venue for the plaintiff's cross-examination.
  • Substantive preparation and planning for the plaintiff's deposition.
  • Strategies for discrediting the plaintiff without provoking anger at the defendant(s).
  • Deposition strategies that plaintiffs use for fortifying his or her case.