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Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Cites Insurance Law Chair Rich McMonigle's Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania in Legal Decision

Insurance Law Chair Richard L. McMonigle, Jr.'s treatise, Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania, was recently quoted by the Honorable Max Baer, Justice for the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in a legal decision, Rancosky v Washington National Ins. Co., No 28 WAP 2016 (Pa. September 28, 2017).

Justice Baer cited the 8th edition of Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania in his discussion of two cases he noted as “seminal cases in the development of bad faith claims in the United States.” The Court’s decision in Rancosky holds that insurance policyholders are not required to prove intentional ill will or malice in order to prevail in bad faith claims against insurers.

In Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania, now in its 17th edition, Mr. McMonigle, with the assistance of Insurance Law Principal Lindsay B. Andreuzzi, examines every important issue relating to bad faith lawsuits under Pennsylvania's common law and under §8371, Pennsylvania's "Bad Faith Statute." The treatise is published by American Lawyer Media (ALM).