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Jill Gilden and Matt Daggett Serve on Workers' Compensation Claims Handling Panel at NCI Risk Control Workshop on April 13

On April 13, 2022, Jill A. Gilden and Matthew B. Daggett served on the panel discussion, "Workers’ Compensation: Understanding the 'Pressure Points' of a Claim and How it Affects Your Exposure," as part of National Contractors Insurance Ltd.'s (NCI) Risk Control Workshop. Edward A. Tobin of McConkey Insurance & Benefits also served on the panel. 

The panel walked through the entire workers' compensation claims handling lifecycle - from the date of injury, through the litigation process, up and through final termination of benefits. The panel highlighted the key dos and don’ts to protect an employer's rights and outline certain “pressure points” of a claim where employers can best take steps to reduce their overall exposure. Attendees also heard from other member representatives highlighting their own experiences; and showing real-life examples of steps taken to reduce exposure of their claims.