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COVID-Era Challenges to Federal Indictments

Bloomberg Law recently published two articles that I had the pleasure to co-author with fellow Women's White Collar Defense Association members, drawing on the WWCDA's Thought Leadership Subcommittee’s recent WaterCoolerPLUS session entitled “COVID-Era Challenges to Federal Indictments.” Both articles offer practical insights for practitioners seeking to challenge federal indictments related to COVID-19.   

The first, "Tips for Federal Criminal Defense Counsel on Statute of Limitations Challenges," co-authored with Margot Moss, Markus/Moss, discusses statute of limitations challenges, including the government’s recent tact of filing and then withdrawing unconsented-to informations in an effort to toll the limitations period.  

The second, "Practical Tips on Challenges to Grand and Petit Juries," co-authored with fellow WWCDA Philadelphia Chapter member Ann Flannery, The Law Offices of Ann C. Flannery, discusses challenges to both grand and petit juries during COVID-19, including ensuring that the grand jury is drawn from a representative cross-section of the district where the crime was committed and that prosecutors’ methods for coping with the challenges presented by COVID-19 do not violate defendants’ rights.

You can view the full articles below:

Disclaimer: This post does not offer specific legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. You should not reach any legal conclusions based on the information contained in this post without first seeking the advice of counsel.

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