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Abe Rein Speaks on Outsourcing Big Data to the Cloud at Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Forum in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 16

Abraham J. Rein, Co-Chair of Post & Schell's Information Privacy & Security Practice Group, presented, "Outsourcing Big Data to the Cloud," on Wednesday, November 16th at Today's General Counsel's " 'The Exchange' Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Forum," in Washington, D.C. 

Mr. Rein's presentation focused on the data privacy considerations that companies must consider when using the cloud for data use. He examines the technical concerns, including data commingling and transfer issues, as well as the legal/crisis response issues related to cloud use, including negotiating up-front as to incident response, export controls, and economic sanctions issues.

“The Exchange” Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Forum is designed to help protect businesses from cyber attack. The Forum provides attendees with essentials on managing cyber risk, cyber defense, and the latest legislative and regulatory developments. It also informs them regarding outsourcing big data to the cloud, data anonymization, data brokers, data sharing across borders, and the future of the cybersecurity market.