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Sid Steinberg Serves as Panelist for Discussion of Microaggressions in a Diverse Environment at the NACUA Annual Conference on June 26

Employment Chair Sidney R. Steinberg served as a panelist at the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA. The June 26 panel, titled "Trigger Warnings and Microaggressions in a Diverse Environment: Policy and Legal Implications," examined the practical and legal impact of microaggressions on college and university campuses. 

Specifically, the panel examined: 

  • Ongoing challenges: implicit bias, microaggressions, and climate of exclusion;
  • Tensions between free speech, enforcing non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, and principles of community;         
  • Recent research on how diversity is best fostered and achieved in the workplace or on campus.

NACUA is the premier organization in the field of higher education law and a primary source of information on legal developments facing colleges and universities. NACUA's mission is to advance the effective practice of higher education attorneys for the benefit of the colleges and universities they serve.