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Sid Steinberg and Dan Thornton Examine a Case Involving Hostile Workplace/Harassment Claims for The Legal Intelligencer

In the August 12, 2020 article, "Short-Sighted Sainthood: Defense Fails to Beat Bill O'Reilly Shrine Case," for The Legal Intelligencer, Sidney R. Steinberg and Daniel F. Thornton examine an E.D. PA. case that found that a former employee had stated viable claims for hostile-work-environment sex discrimination, age discrimination, and retaliation.

The authors note:

"As this case’s outcome makes clear, internal emails—particularly those sent by managers—can create huge headaches for employers. Best practices to avoid this include regularly training employees on the basics of email etiquette, including not sending anything you’d regret seeing in tomorrow’s front-page news. The court’s decision also highlights the importance of retaining outside counsel to investigate serious cases... Finally, employers should consider extending review and control mechanisms to cover major communications like newsletters."

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