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Paul Sanders, Kate Kleba, and Cindy Haines Present at 2019 PHCA 2019 Annual Convention and Trade Show on September 25 and 26

Paula G. Sanders, Kate A. Kleba, and Cynthia A. Haines presented at the Pennsylvania Health Care Association's (PHCA) 2019 Annual Convention and Trade Show on September 25 and 26, 2019. The annual conference was held in King of Prussia, PA.

On September 25th, Ms. Sanders presented, "Proving Corrected Past Noncompliance to Reduce Risk." Federal per day civil money penalties (CMPs) can range from $107 to $6417 for actual harm deficiencies, and from $6,525 to $21,393 for immediate jeopardy. Ms. Sanders' presentation reviewed how to Improve the chances of reducing state and federal CMPs by understanding what needs to be documented in terms of corrected past noncompliance. The presentation also reviewed common pitfalls involving internal plans of correction and how best to avoid them.  

On September 26th, Ms. Kleba and Ms. Haines presented, "HIPPA and Staff Terminations:  Managing Access to Prevent Breaches." The presentation provided insight on how to appropriately prepare for employee terminations to limit the risk of a HIPAA data breach. Knowing the risks and taking preventative and proactive actions to protect Protected Health Information (PHI) protects the employer, employees, and those they serve. Managing this process is critical for employers to avoid civil and criminal penalties, as well as to stay off the Office for Civil Rights Compliance’s “Wall of Shame".