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Employment Principal Andrea Kirshenbaum Examines Wage and Hour Trends in 2013 for the Dec. 30 issue of The Legal Intelligencer

In her Wage and Hour column for The Legal Intelligencer, Employment & Employee Relations Principal Andrea M. Kirshenbaum looks at the trends in wage and hour compliance and litigation, in the article, "Looking Back on 2013 for Issues to Be Wary of in 2014."

In the article, Ms. Kirshenbaum notes that many of the wage and hour legal trends that challenged employers in 2013 will continue to do so in 2014. These trends include issues surrounding independent contractor misclassification, unpaid internships, and collective/class action waivers & arb agreements.

Ms. Kirshenbaum explains:

"As the wage-and-hour trends of 2013 continue into 2014, employers are now equipped with increased awareness and understanding of the challenges they face on this front. As class and collective wage-and-hour actions test additional industries, they also will continue to move beyond large employers, and become concerns for medium-sized and small employers as well.

The good news is that education and preparation can go a long way in helping employers improve their wage-and-hour outlook in 2014. Resolving in 2014 to make the right organizational changes and following a thorough compliance audit of pay practices could help to prevent expensive and disruptive wage-and-hour litigation or a government audit."