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Data Protection/Breach Attorneys Rein and Kendall Author Article on Mobile Data Security Best Practices for The Legal Intelligencer's June 2015 Cybersecurity Supplement

In the June 2014 Cybersecurity Supplement for The Legal Intelligencer, Data Protection/Breach Practice Group attorneys Abraham J. Rein and Carolyn H. Kendall examine the rise of mobile device use, increase in the associated data, and the legal and organizational risks both present for businesses.

The authors note that:

"Countless workplaces expect employees to be available on-demand via mobile devices. Mobile devices transmit, receive and store a treasure trove of valuable data, which, if compromised, can be used by bad actors to steal identities, access bank accounts, file false tax returns, misappropriate trade secrets and more. Safeguarding this sensitive data is important to all businesses, both to ensure client confidence and to comply with a complex patchwork of legal obligations."

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