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Cindy Haines and Kate Kleba Present on HIPAA and Employee Data Breaches on June 20 Webinar

On June 20, 2019, Cynthia A. Haines and Kate A. Kleba presented on the webinar, "Understanding HIPAA and Terminations of Employees to Prevent Breaches." The webinar was sponsored by Lorman Education Services and is avilable via replay here.

HIPAA demands that health care employers implement robust data privacy protocols and systems. Although nearly all health care employers invest significant time and money training employees on these systems, the importance of data privacy, and the risk of a data breach, employers oftentimes do not have a comprehensive off-boarding plan in place to protect against unauthorized access by terminated employees. The consequences of failure to control for and manage the access of terminated employees can be wide-ranging, from civil to criminal liability to reputational damage.

The webinar provided health care employers with an understanding of how to appropriately prepare for employee terminations to limit the risk of a HIPAA data breach. It also discussed the risks and preventative and proactive actions to protect protected health information that also protects the employer, employees, and those they serve. The information is critical for employers to avoid civil and criminal penalties, as well as to stay off the Office for Civil Rights Compliance’s wall of shame.