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Andrea Kirshenbaum Examines Labor Secretary Nominee Andrew Puzder and Potential Impact on Labor/Employment Law for The Legal Intelligencer on Jan. 3

In her January 2017 Wage and Hour Column for The Legal Intelligencer, Wage and Hour Practice Group Chair Andrea M. Kirshenbaum analyzed Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder and how a U.S. Department of Labor under Mr. Puzder may look from a labor and employment law perspective. 

Ms. Kirshenbaum notes in her article that, "Puzder's own ruminations... in books, blog posts, speeches, and media coverage, offer insight for employers and employees on the philosophy he will bring with him to the Trump administration should he be confirmed by the Senate."

She goes on to note: 

“Given his public statements and philosophical perspective, it's safe to say Puzder will arrive at the DOL with his free market views in tow, and with a desire to reduce government regulation. Of course Puzder serves at the pleasure of the president, who, based on his policy priorities articulated to date likely will be focused at the outset on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (which Puzder wholeheartedly supports) as well as immigration-related initiatives. What seems certain is that the labor department will look very different in 2017, especially when compared with the DOL under Secretary Thomas E. Perez and Obama.”