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Internal Investigations & White Collar Defense E-Flash

DOH Issues Medical Marijuana Practitioner Rules
April 19, 2017
By: Elizabeth M. Hein and Robin Locke Nagele

Liability for What Goes on Behind Closed Doors: Sex Trafficking and the Hospitality Industry's Privacy Tightrope
March 28, 2017
By: Abraham J. Rein, Charles W. Spitz, and Marc H. Perry

Employment Taxes: A Look at Changing Enforcement Patterns
March 20, 2017
By: James R. Malone, Jr.

New York Proposed Cybersecurity Regulations: A Predictor of Things to Come for the Finance and Insurance Industries
January 27, 2017
By: Steven J. Fox, Cynthia A. Haines, and Abraham J. Rein

DOH Issues Temporary Regulations for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
November 1, 2016
By: Elizabeth M. Hein, Robin Locke Nagele, and Amalia V. Romanowicz

FCC Takes on Hospitality Wi-Fi Management Again: More Sanctions, Unresolved Concerns
November 4, 2015
By: Abraham J. Rein and Charles W. Spitz

FERC Administrative Law Judge Finds Market Manipulation in “Cross-Over” Case
August 19, 2015
By: Christopher J. Barr, , and Abraham J. Rein

HHS's Data Security Problem: Lessons for the Private Sector
August 11, 2015
By: Steven J. Fox and Abraham J. Rein

New Jersey Non-Profit Hospital Stripped of Tax Exemption Based on Ruling that Modern Non-Profit Hospitals Essentially Function as For-Profit Businesses
July 13, 2015
By: Carolyn H. Kendall

Potential Class Action Highlights Cyber-Identity Theft Issues in the Tax Industry
April 30, 2015
By: Abraham J. Rein and Carolyn H. Kendall

White Collar Principal Hardy and Associate Kendall Author Guest Blog on SCA Searches for Data Stored Abroad for the Federal Tax Crimes Blog
April 25, 2015

Recent Developments in FTC vs. Wyndham Underscore Importance of Cybersecurity Vigilance in the Hospitality Industry
March 30, 2015
By: Abraham J. Rein and Marc H. Perry

Pennsylvania Bank Consents to $1.5 Million Assessment for Failing to File Required Suspicious Activity Reports Regarding Transactions by Bank Insider
March 3, 2015
By: Carolyn H. Kendall

Managing Wi-Fi Networks on Business Premises: Aggressive Enforcement and Unanswered Questions
February 2, 2015
By: Abraham J. Rein

First Circuit Upholds $50 Million Tax Refund for Business Deduction Beyond Single Damages in False Claims Act Settlement
August 17, 2014

D.C. Circuit Reaffirms Application of Attorney-Client Privilege to Internal Investigations
July 2, 2014

Third Circuit Decision Adopts More Lenient Pleading Standard in False Claims Act Litigation
June 24, 2014

A Grimm Reminder: “Routine” Employment Issues Can Lead to Serious (and Potentially Criminal) Headaches
May 1, 2014
By: Andrea M. Kirshenbaum

Shot Across the Bow: Pennsylvania AG's Strict Liability Criminal Prosecution of Fracking Company
September 18, 2013
By: Ronald H. Levine

Article: "The Federal Prosecutor As Regulator: Good Manufacturing Practices and The False Claims Act"
May 29, 2013
By: Ronald H. Levine

New Amendments to the Guidelines for Securities Cases to Take Effect Tomorrow
October 30, 2012
By: Matthew T. Newcomer

British Bank Under Fire for Alleged Dealings with Iran
August 8, 2012
By: Matthew T. Newcomer

The Fifth Amendment Meets Password Protection
July 6, 2012
By: Abraham J. Rein

New Civil E-Discovery Rules for Pennsylvania Courts
June 11, 2012
By: Ronald H. Levine and Abraham J. Rein

Change May Be Coming to the Federal Sentencing of Corporations
April 24, 2012
By: Abraham J. Rein

Courts Defer to Law Enforcement on Broad Searches of Digital Devices
February 7, 2012
By: Abraham J. Rein

Obtaining Federal Grand Jury Materials - Lessons from the Stevens Decision
May 18, 2011
By: Matthew T. Newcomer

In-House Counsel for a Major Pharmaceutical Company Indicted Yesterday
November 10, 2010
By: Ronald H. Levine

DEA's Drug Diversion Focus Underscores Importance of Controlled Substances Compliance and Audit Programs
March 2, 2010
By: Ronald H. Levine and Ross G. Currie

Governance Update: Supreme Court's Conrad Black Decision May Limit Claims of "Honest Services" Fraud
September 14, 2009
By: Ronald H. Levine

Enforcement Related to Off-Label Marketing and Use of Drugs and Devices: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?
May 1, 2009
By: John N. Joseph

IRS Continues to Crack Offshore Bank Secrecy - Risks Mount
February 20, 2009
By: Matthew T. Newcomer

Third Circuit Reaffirms Need for Healthcare Organizations to Substantiate Fair Market Value of Personal Service Arrangements
February 6, 2009
By: John N. Joseph and Paula G. Sanders

Government Tightens Enforcement Net Around Foreign Accounts
December 4, 2008

The Supreme Court Provides Collateral Attack Opportunities to Defendants Convicted of Money Laundering
September 9, 2008

Post & Schell Compliance Alert!
February 5, 2008
By: John N. Joseph and Robin Locke Nagele