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Health Care E-Flash

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Signals Major Erosion of Peer Review Protection
March 28, 2018
By: Robin Locke Nagele and Amalia V. Romanowicz

Steps Employers Can Take to Prevent and Respond to Claims of Sexual Harassment
December 4, 2017
By: Andrea M. Kirshenbaum

Pennsylvania Imposes New Withholding Requirements on Businesses
November 27, 2017
By: James R. Malone, Jr.

DOH Issues Temporary Regulations for Patients and Caregivers
September 28, 2017
By: Elizabeth M. Hein

PA Supreme Court Ruling: Only Doctors Can Obtain Informed Consent
June 22, 2017
By: Donald N. Camhi and Melinda A. Schumaker

DOH Issues Medical Marijuana Practitioner Rules
April 19, 2017
By: Elizabeth M. Hein, Robin Locke Nagele, and Barbara Rowland

Entire DOL Overtime Rule Enjoined Nationwide
November 23, 2016
By: Andrea M. Kirshenbaum

DOH Issues Temporary Regulations for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
November 1, 2016
By: Elizabeth M. Hein, Robin Locke Nagele, Amalia V. Romanowicz, and Barbara Rowland

Federal DEA Guidance Impacts Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Research
August 22, 2016
By: Robin Locke Nagele and Elizabeth M. Hein

Department of Labor Announces Final Overtime Rule
May 18, 2016
By: Andrea M. Kirshenbaum

PA Commonwealth Court: Employers/Workers' Compensation Insurers Entitled to Subrogation for Future Medical Expenses and Wage Loss Awarded in Third Party Medical Malpractice Actions
February 1, 2016
By: Karyn Dobroskey Rienzi and Patrice A. Toland

DOL's Administrator Interpretation Solidifies Aggressive Stance in Joint Employment Debate
January 21, 2016
By: Andrea M. Kirshenbaum

HHS's Data Security Problem: Lessons for the Private Sector
August 11, 2015
By: Steven J. Fox and Abraham J. Rein

New Jersey Non-Profit Hospital Stripped of Tax Exemption Based on Ruling that Modern Non-Profit Hospitals Essentially Function as For-Profit Businesses
July 13, 2015
By: Carolyn H. Kendall

Philadelphia's Mandatory Sick Pay Ordinance Signals Businesses to Audit Current Wage Practices
February 24, 2015
By: Kate A. Kleba

Federal District Court Issues Order That Could Discourage Use of EMTALA as a Federal Medical Malpractice Statute
January 15, 2015
By: Donald N. Camhi, Robin Locke Nagele, and Marcie A. Courtney

First Circuit Upholds $50 Million Tax Refund for Business Deduction Beyond Single Damages in False Claims Act Settlement
August 17, 2014
By: Barbara Rowland

Third Circuit Decision Adopts More Lenient Pleading Standard in False Claims Act Litigation
June 24, 2014
By: Barbara Rowland

The NLRB Proposes Speeding Union Elections
February 10, 2014

Lien & Mean: Changes in Medicaid Subrogation Law Greatly Expand the Government's Right to Settlement Proceeds
January 16, 2014

Governor Corbett Signs Benevolent Gesture Medical Professional Liability Act into Law
November 19, 2013
By: Amalia V. Romanowicz

Labor Department's Final Rule Dramatically Expands FLSA Coverage for Home Care Workers
September 27, 2013
By: Andrea M. Kirshenbaum

Article: "The Federal Prosecutor As Regulator: Good Manufacturing Practices and The False Claims Act"
May 29, 2013
By: Ronald H. Levine

Third Circuit Applies Pennsylvania's At-Will Employment Doctrine and Holds that Hospital Did Not Breach Contract with Terminated Physician
February 8, 2012
By: A. James Johnston and Jonathan B. Sprague