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Professional Liability Specialties Defense

Our professional liability lawyers provide a continuum of counseling, risk management, compliance, and defense legal representation services to a broad spectrum of professional industry sectors, including, among others: accountants, actuaries, architects and engineers, certified financial planners, clergy, insurance brokers, investment advisers, real estate agents and stockbrokers.

We recognize and appreciate the need for detailed and specialized analysis for our professional specialties. Our representation includes a consideration of the appropriate industry standards, referencing, among others: The Architects Handbook of Professional Practice; the National Society of Professional Engineers; the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; the National Association of Securities Dealers; Certified Financial Planners and the Casualty Actuarial Society.

Use of these industry standards ensures that we will focus on the most current and industry-recognized professional guidelines while representing our clients.  Our professional liability attorneys, consulting with our appellate and compliance specialists as needed, bring an industry-focused approach to our defense model.

We provide an experienced team of counselors and trial lawyers, backed by our appellate specialists. We pride ourselves in our ability to obtain client dismissals at the earliest possible stage. When necessary, our team has the experience and the support to take cases to verdict.  Our Professional Liability Group includes attorneys who have taken more than 60 cases to verdict.

Our group emphasizes a personal interest in our clients and their industry. We prepare our clients thoroughly so that they will be ready for all aspects of the litigation process. We carefully develop a strategy for each case to meet our clients’ needs.