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Medical Malpractice Defense

Post & Schell, P.C.'s regional Medical Malpractice Defense Practice Group includes a number of attorneys who have each tried more than 60 cases to a verdict in significant professional malpractice cases and are backed by an experienced Appellate Practice Group. Importantly, we handle cases aggressively. We pride ourselves in having our clients dismissed from cases at the earliest possible stage, avoiding both the emotional and financial expense of litigation. When a settlement is an option, we leverage our experience in hundreds of mediations and settlement conferences to reach a resolution that meets our clients' expectations.

We know the medicine, we know the law, we know the jurisdictions, and we are in court on a daily basis in the most serious and significant cases.

Post & Schell’s Medical Malpractice Defense Group provides highly-skilled defense litigation, consulting, and risk management services. Our attorneys have actively litigated malpractice suits in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and possess a thorough understanding of medical issues.

Post & Schell Medical Malpractice trial attorneys enjoy a demonstrable record of representing:

  • For-profit and not-for-profit hospitals
  • Multi-hospital systems
  • Integrated delivery systems
  • Academic/teaching medical centers
  • Directors, officers, and practitioners of  health care providers, downstream health care providers, individual practitioners, and allied health practitioners

We defend clients in complex malpractice lawsuits involving catastrophic damage and institutional and practitioner reputational exposures. Some of the heath care providers we have represented include, for example:

  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Inc.
  • Jefferson University Physicians
  • Temple University Health System
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Tenet Healthcare Corporation
  • Albert Einstein Health System
  • Main Line Health System
  • Abington Memorial Hospital
  • Holy Redeemer Health System
  • Grand View Hospital

Our firm has earned an excellent reputation in the area of malpractice litigation due to our zealous representation of our clients, our willingness and ability to try cases to verdict, and our negotiation skills when settlement is desirable. Our reputation has been enhanced by our thorough familiarity with medical issues and our vast network of expert witnesses from teaching institutions across the country. Expert witnesses are recommended on the basis of a combination of prior contacts with the expert, the expert's reputation, and the expert's courtroom demeanor. We can often secure the assistance of a recognized authority on a particular subject due to our reputation and representation of area medical schools. Over 30 years of medical malpractice defense has given us invaluable access to quality medical reviews by well-credentialed physicians. In addition, we have a completely computerized expert witness bank so that we can provide clients with current information and past trial experience regarding credentials and testimony.

During the course of discovery proceedings, our attorneys take a personal interest in the welfare of our clients. We prepare witnesses thoroughly and advise them of what to expect. This minimizes the anxiety which arises from fear of the unknown and interferes with giving a good deposition or trial testimony. We are proud of the trusting relationships we have built with healthcare providers, and because of that trust, they repeatedly request our attorneys in the event they require representation again.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our willingness and ability to handle and try cases to a complete conclusion, with the highest caliber appellate services to assist and counsel at every stage of litigation.