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Name Title Email Office
Daniel S. Altschuler Chair, Casualty Litigation Department Email Philadelphia
Jonathan C. Ascher Principal Email Pittsburgh
Mason Avrigian, Jr. Principal Email Philadelphia
Robert J. Balch Principal Email Allentown
New Jersey
Richard J. Barca Associate Email Philadelphia
Christopher J. Barr Principal Email Washington, D.C.
Marisa Barriere Principal Email Philadelphia
Ian T. Baxter Associate Email Allentown
F. Traynor Beck Chair, Corporate Practice Group Email Philadelphia
Jason G. Benion Principal Email Harrisburg
Marni Sabrina Berger Principal Email Philadelphia
Lindsay A. Berkstresser Associate Email Harrisburg
Andrew J. Berlucchi Associate Email Lancaster
Brian W. Bisignani Principal Email Lancaster
Stephen S. Bloomburg Principal Email Pittsburgh
Joseph N. Bongiovanni, IV Principal Email Philadelphia
Michael A. Boomsma Principal Email Lancaster
Terry R. Bossert Co-Chair, Shale Resource Practice Group Email Harrisburg
Jeffrey M. Brenner Principal Email Philadelphia
Robert M. Britton Senior Counsel Email Philadelphia
Colin E. Burgess Associate Email Philadelphia
James M. Burkhardt Principal Email Allentown
Patrick R. Byrne Principal Email Allentown
Donald N. Camhi Chair, Professional Liability Defense Department Email Philadelphia
Glenn M. Campbell Principal Email Philadelphia
Michael P. Canavan Associate Email Philadelphia
Christopher T. Chancler Associate Email New Jersey
Kathleen Chancler Principal Email Philadelphia
Thomas R. Chawluk, Jr. Associate Email Philadelphia
Andrew J. Connolly Chair, Construction Defect/Injury Litigation Email Philadelphia
Joseph V. Conroy, IV Principal Email Philadelphia
Marcie A. Courtney Principal Email Philadelphia
Mark D. Cowger Associate Email Lancaster
John W. Croumer Principal Email Harrisburg
Patrick T. Cusick Principal Email Lancaster
Matthew B. Daggett Principal Email Lancaster
Evan D. Dalzell Principal Email Pittsburgh
Angela G. DiSanti Principal Email Pittsburgh
Rebecca L. Dillon Principal Email Lancaster
John W. Dornberger Administrative Principal, Harrisburg Office Email Harrisburg
J. Michael Doyle Principal Email Philadelphia
Zachary J. Duffy Associate Email Philadelphia
Aaron L. Dunbar Associate Email Philadelphia
Kayleen Egan Associate Email New Jersey
Yune D. Emeritz Associate Email Philadelphia
Joel H. Feigenbaum Associate Email Philadelphia
Francis P. Fitzsimmons Principal Email Lancaster
Steven J. Fox Principal Email Washington, D.C.
Kathryn A. Young Galla Associate Email Philadelphia
Michael W. Gang Principal & Chair, Firm Board of Directors Email Harrisburg
Washington, D.C.
Jay A. Gebauer Principal Email New Jersey
Jill A. Gilden Principal Email Lancaster
Paul W. Grego Principal Email Lancaster
Cynthia A. Haines Co-Chair, Information Privacy & Security Practice Email Harrisburg
Amanda R. Hammar Associate Email Philadelphia
Sheila A. Haren Principal Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
Benjamin Z. Hartung Associate Email Philadelphia
Michael W. Hassell Principal Email Harrisburg
Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth M. Hein Associate Email Philadelphia
Alysia L. Hudock Principal Email Allentown
Paul L. Jamain Associate Email Philadelphia
Kimberly A. Jetty Associate Email Allentown
Matthew D. Johnson Principal Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
A. James Johnston Chair, Business Law & Litigation Email Philadelphia
Stephen C. Jones Principal Email Philadelphia
John N. Joseph Chair, White Collar Practice Group Email New Jersey
Washington, D.C.
Anthony D. Kanagy Principal Email Washington, D.C.
Erin R. Kawa Associate Email Harrisburg
Carolyn H. Kendall Associate Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
Kathleen K. Kerns Principal Email Philadelphia
Lindsay S. Kift Principal Email Pittsburgh
Andrea M. Kirshenbaum Chair, Wage and Hour Practice Group Email Philadelphia
Kate A. Kleba Principal Email Philadelphia
Anthony M. Knapp Associate Email Allentown
New Jersey
Joseph C. Koerwitz Associate Email Allentown
Katharine C. Koob Associate Email New Jersey
Donna Nadel Kramer Principal Email Philadelphia
Michael P. Kurmlavage Associate Email Philadelphia
James J. Kutz Chair, Appellate Department Email Harrisburg
Patrick C. Lamb Principal Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
Kenneth W. Lee Principal Email Pittsburgh
Garrett P. Lent Associate Email Harrisburg
Ronald H. Levine Principal Email Philadelphia
Paul A. Logan Principal Email Philadelphia
Ryan M. Logan Associate Email Harrisburg
David B. MacGregor Principal Email Philadelphia
Washington, D.C.
Drew L. Mallick Associate Email Philadelphia
James R. Malone, Jr. Principal Email Philadelphia
Aaron S. Mapes Principal Email Philadelphia
Mariel C. Marsh Principal Email Philadelphia
Richard J. McCracken Principal Email Lancaster
Kevin T. McGarry Associate Email Lancaster
Paul R. McIntyre Principal Email Philadelphia
Richard L. McMonigle, Jr. Principal & Chair, Insurance Law Department Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
Steven A. Medina Associate Email Philadelphia
Madison Melinek Associate Email Philadelphia
Charley T. Monroe Associate Email Pittsburgh
Ashley E. Moss Associate Email Pittsburgh
Tawny K. Mummah Principal Email Harrisburg
Robin Locke Nagele Co-Chair, Health Care Practice Group Email Philadelphia
Oliver C. Overlander, III Principal Email Lancaster
Danielle M. Parks Associate Email Pittsburgh
Hendrick I. Penn, IV Principal Email Pittsburgh
Alexandra M. Perry Associate Email Philadelphia
Leah B. Perry Counsel Email Philadelphia
Marc H. Perry Co-Chair, Hospitality & Retail Practice Group Email Philadelphia
Lauren E. Pezor Associate Email Philadelphia
Jason E. Powell Associate Email Philadelphia
Heather A. Printz Associate Email Allentown
Allison R. Radocha Principal Email Philadelphia
Mary Ellen Reilly Principal Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
Abraham J. Rein Co-Chair, Information Privacy & Security Practice Email Philadelphia
David E. Renner Associate Email Pittsburgh
Karyn Dobroskey Rienzi Principal Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
Jessica R. Rogers Associate Email Washington, D.C.
Amalia V. Romanowicz Principal Email Philadelphia
Devin T. Ryan Associate Email Harrisburg
Michael Joseph Ryan Associate Email Philadelphia
Kenneth L. Sable Principal Email Harrisburg
Paula G. Sanders Co-Chair, Health Care Practice Group Email Harrisburg
Steven Schildt Principal Email Philadelphia
Paul M. Schmidt Principal Email Philadelphia
Melinda A. Schumaker Associate Email Philadelphia
J. Colin Schwartz Associate Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
Sarah A. Seman Associate Email Allentown
Bryan M. Shay Principal Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
Charles W. Spitz Co-Chair, Hospitality & Retail Practice Group Email Philadelphia
Sidney R. Steinberg Chair, Employment & Employee Relations Email Philadelphia
John C. Sullivan Principal Email Philadelphia
Benjamin S. Teris Associate Email New Jersey
Ryan D. Tilley Associate Email Lancaster
Edward A. Tobin Associate Email Lancaster
Patrice A. Toland Principal Email Philadelphia
A. Bryan Tomlinson Associate Email Philadelphia
Jeffrey P. Wallack Principal Email Philadelphia
David W. Warburton Principal Email Lancaster
Marcus A. Washington Associate Email Philadelphia
Richard B. Wickersham, Jr. Administrative Principal, Princeton Office Email Philadelphia
New Jersey
Jodi S. Wilenzik Principal Email Philadelphia
Elizabeth A. Williams Associate Email Philadelphia
Gary A. Wilson Principal Email Washington, D.C.
Michael W. Winfield Principal Email Harrisburg
Heather J. Zambelli Principal Email Pittsburgh
Stacey M. Zavalas Principal Email Philadelphia