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General Counsel & Corporate Compliance

Andrew W. Allison
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Post & Schell, P.C. enjoys a rigorous and demonstrable tradition of benefiting from receiving sophisticated legal counsel in the day-to-day management of its own internal corporate affairs, and compliance counsel in the day-to-day comportment with its clients’ standards and expectations, its own “Best Practices,” the Professional Rules of Responsibility, ethical guidelines and mandates that govern the legal profession and its stakeholders, and applicable federal and state laws, regulations and judicial decisions.

To these two-fold ends, Post & Schell’s General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, who reports directly and independently to both the Firm’s Board of Directors and its President & Chief Executive Officer, is the Firm’s point-person responsible for providing the above-referenced counsel.

Beginning in 2000, Post & Schell was among the first law firms nationally to recognize the criticality of the roles of both general counsel and compliance officer, and, further, to affirmatively integrate both positions into its senior management infra-structure.

In addition to counseling the Firm and its stakeholders as Post & Schell’s General Counsel, the role of Chief Compliance Officer includes, among other duties and responsibilities, the following:

  • Ensuring, through internal auditing and other practices, that Post & Schell stakeholders understand and comply with its clients’ guidelines and service expectations;
  • Designing, implementing, and evaluating the Firm’s Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement Programs;
  • Performing internal peer review audits of the Firm’s legal services and billing practices, and providing the results of said written peer review audits to our clients in a privileged and otherwise non-discoverable fashion;
  • Drafting, implementing and enforcing Post & Schell’s formal Compliance Manual;
  • Developing and implementing the Firm’s formal educational programs regarding its Compliance Manual, continuing legal and ethical requirements and expectations, continuing behavioral, professional conduct and self-awareness requirements and expectations for all Firm stake holders, and duties and obligations pursuant to federal, state, county, and municipal statutes, regulations, and judicial authority.

Post & Schell’s General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer is accessible to, and collaborates very closely with, all Firm clients, stakeholders, and other business constituencies.